Outsider is born from a lifelong friendship in the Pacific Northwest, where Seattle is known for the rain, our music has attitude, and the terrain empowers outdoor action sports with boards, wheels, boots and more. We're outsiders and trend setters in this corner of the country, so it seems natural we bring you this product that reflects our shared love for outdoor adventure, music and history in wireless and software. Outsider device curves and weather protection were inspired by an umbrella, also an icon of our region. We have great pride in the craftsmanship that went into Outsider, and we know you'll love it!

Mark Muehlbauer


...he's the mad scientist

Mark has 20 years of experience leading technology change as an engineering leader, professional consultant, and business owner. Mark's deep understanding of core internet technologies and electronics has informed key insights leading to his founding of multiple businesses. During the early wave of broadband adoption, Mark understood the opportunity of delivering high speed internet to underserved regions using emerging wireless technologies - so he founded a leading high-speed wireless internet service which remains serving several cities. Mark now leverages his passion for wireless and electronics to create devices like Outsider that empower people in their everyday lives.

Outsider Activities:

Skiing, Motorbike, Hiking




...he's the pragmatist

With over 17 years of experience, Gabe is a technology leader who knows how to ship products that are loved. He has been deeply involved in technology startups and established businesses in both senior leadership and engineering roles. During this time he has co-founded three startups, authored several patents, co-authored or principally contributed to several media and IP networking standards, and successfully shipped over 20 products during his 12 years (and counting) at Microsoft. Gabe also serves as Executive Director for the Alliance for Open Media, bringing together leading tech companies to create a next-generation video standard.

Outsider Activities:

Snowboarding, Running, Hiking

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Our Story

Mark and Gabe are lifelong friends who grew up in the Cascade Foothills of the Pacific Northwest. They met as teenagers learning martial arts and have been challenging each other as black belts to reach higher goals since then. They never quit.

Outsider's founders bring over 35 years shared experience in wireless, electronics and software, and it remains unsettled who has taught who more. This isn't their first project together, and through good times and bad, their friendship and professional dealings remain strong as ever.