A button overmold is molecularly bonded to the device plastics for a seamless design that is waterproof, withstands abuse, and feels great.


Q: How do I listen to music if Outsider has no ports?

A: Plug your headphones into your phone or iPod, just like always. Outsider is a wireless remote control that connects to your phone using Bluetooth, so you can command music, phone calls and more while your phone is safely tucked away.


Q: How do I charge the battery if Outsider has no ports?

A: Outsider comes with a small wireless charging plate that plugs into the wall, and you place the device on top of this plate. You’ll see the LED on Outsider blink while the battery is charging, and go solid when fully charged. We use the Qi wireless charging standard, so there are lots of popular options for Outsider wireless charging.


Q: How do I connect Outsider with my phone?

A: You pair it with your phone in Bluetooth settings just like any other Bluetooth device. That’s it. There’s no device app needed to control your music or phone calls, or to start the audible panic alarm if you’re in trouble.


Q: How does the included armband attach to Outsider?

A: The armband slides into slots that are seamlessly built-in to the bottom of the device. It’s super easy!

Q: How does Outsider attach to my handlebar?

A: The device fits into most popular smartphone mounts, and because Outsider is much lighter than your smartphone, it's held more securely.

Q: When you say Outsider will last the whole season on a full charge, what do you mean?

A: 3 months.There are four seasons every year, and each is 3 months long.

Q: Does Outsider work in my car?

A: It does! It works just like the controls on the steering wheel of a new car regardless if you’re playing music from your phone using Bluetooth or a wired headphone jack. This is great if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, and safer than fumbling with your phone while in the car.

Q: Does Outsider work with my Bluetooth speaker?

A: It does! You can still remote control your phone using Outsider even if your phone is also streaming music to a Bluetooth speaker.

Q: Does Outsider work with my Bluetooth headphones?

A: It does! Outsider doesn't care if your headphones are Bluetooth or wired.

Q: How do I intentionally start and stop the audible panic alarm?

A: Press-and-hold any two buttons concurrently for 4 seconds to start the panic alarm. It’s loud, so you'll have the attention of everyone nearby. This is great if you need help, like getting stuck in a tree well. Parents will love this!

Q: Does Outsider need my phone for the panic alarm?

A: No. The panic alarm is built-in to Outsider, so the alarm will sound even when you're not connected via Bluetooth, or if your phone battery dies.

Q: What if I hurt myself and can’t intentionally start the panic alarm?

A: Outsider has impact sensors, and we’re working hard to tune them so a traumatic impact will automatically start the panic alarm and notify your Adventure Group and Emergency Contacts (more on these below), but only if you don’t respond. We’ll make this impact level configurable.

Q: Does Outsider need a cellular connection?

A: You can control your music and panic alarm even if your phone has no cellular connection. This is great in the back country. After general availability of Outsider, you’ll be able to download our app for iOS and Android that lets you update Outsider device software and enable cool features that connect to cloud services. These experiences need a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Most resorts have cellular connectivity for safety reasons.

Q: How does my emergency contact get notified when the panic alarm is triggered?

A: After general availability of Outsider, you’ll be able to download our app for iOS and Android that lets you update Outsider device software and enable cool features like Emergency Contact which connect to cloud services. When you choose to setup an emergency contact in the Outsider app, we’ll send them a push notification along with your location whenever the panic alarm is started. If you’ve created an Adventure Group in the app (more on this below), we’ll also notify your group.

Q: How does a group of Outsiders voice chat among each other?

A: After general availability of Outsider, you’ll be able to download our app for iOS and Android that lets you update Outsider device software and enable cool features like Group Chat which connect to cloud services. Group Chat is a push-to-talk service. After you create, or join an Adventure Group in the Outsider app, press-and-hold the center Play button on Outsider to talk with your friends in this group who also have Outsider. You can chat with your group while listening to music.

Q: If Outsider doesn't have a microphone, how does Group Chat work?

A: You need headphones with a built-in microphone, like the earbuds that come with iPhone.

Visual cues from a multi-color

LED makes it easy to know exactly what's going on.

The assembly meets at an intentionally crafted water barrier that is reinforced with a rubber gasket to withstand the toughest conditions.

Rigid slats are seamlessly integrated into the bottom, so it's easy to insert and remove an armband.

Wireless connectivity and charging means no connector ports that break or allow water to permeate.

Custom designed electronics and software are optimized to be fast and power efficient. 

Weight: 3oz (85g)

Length: 114.3mm (4.5in)

Width: 63.5mm (2.5in)

Thickness: 16mm

Buttons: 19.05mm (0.75in) and 12.7mm (0.5in)

Button size is inspired by the design specifications for fighter jet cockpits so they're easy to press while active and wearing gloves.